£ $ € Currency and Tax

To change the currency:

Mobile / Cell phone: Please open the main menu at the top right, scroll down to the bottom and tap on Currency to select and save your prefered currency.

Desktop and Tablet: Please click on the currency symbol in the top menu and select and save your prefered currency.

Please note that if you order in a different currency to your bank account or credit card, your bank or credit card provider may charge you additional fees.

Sales Tax

Orders to EU member states will include sales tax (German MwSt.)
Orders delivered to countries outside the EU will not include sales tax, except the UK (see below)..

If you want to see prices without tax, please either sign in to your account (with an address outside the EU) or choose a delivery country outside the EU from the menu at the top of the screen (the bottom of the menu on a mobile / cell phone).

Please note that you may be charged sales tax and import tax in your own country before you are allowed to take delivery of the goods.

Deliveries to the UK (excl. NI) include VAT up to an order value of £135. Orders above £135 will be dispatched net of VAT and you will have to pay the VAT to the carrier before receiving your order. We will refund the VAT charged at checkout on orders over £135 before dispatch. For further information on deliveries to the UK and some of the issues we are having with customs charges, please read our Deliveries to the UK page (click/tap here or on the link at the bottom of the page)