Silver Plated from Legacy Silverware, Sheffield

Silver plated EPNS cutlery and flatware with 35 microns of silver, made in Sheffield.

Our range is plated with 35 microns of silver plate, which is a thicker, more luxurious and longer lasting thickness than the 20 microns that is offered as standard by Legacy Silverware themselves and most other UK manufacturers.

Each piece of flatware is hand polished and lovingly finished. Each knife is honed and polished by hand, creating beautiful pieces of cutlery that will give years of luxurious pleasure. Each piece of cutlery is carefully and skillfully finished using proven, traditional and labour intensive methods to a high standard of workmanship.
EPNS stands for electro-plated nickel silver. Nickel silver is the base material onto which the silver is plated, which provides a more adhesive surface for the silver and therefore a better quality finish that will last longer.
Made in Sheffield, England.

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