Poole Pottery

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Over the years, Poole Pottery has produced and nurtured some of the UK's most prolific visionaries, designers and ceramicists. As a result, they have played an important role in the art and design movements throughout the last century, which continues into the twenty first century. This proud history of design and innovation includes many distinctive contributions to such periods and movements as the late Victorian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Modernism.

Poole Pottery has become renowned for excellence in design and commitment to developing innovative collections. Over a long and successful history they have created work for many of the finest retailers and organisations throughout the world.

All new Poole Pottery designs start life in Poole town itself, with the designers who know what makes Poole ceramics so special. When a design has been created it is passed to our production team in Staffordshire where each unique piece is made in time honoured processes, staying true to the brand. From Clay to finished product, pure English.

The different layers of reactive glaze make every item from the Poole collection unique. In addition, every article bears the personalised mark of the artist, making each piece a collectable.