Cutlery & Flatware

At Kippax of Yorkshire we are proud to present our range of quality cutlery, made in Sheffield, England, the home of knife making.
Cutlery Designs
If you are specifically searching for cutlery made in Sheffield, please beware of companies that claim to be "of" Sheffield or England, or claim to have a heritage from the city. Unless they specifically state the place of manufacture, they are probably offering a cheap import. We personally visit the manufacturing workshops of the companies we deal with to ensure the place of manufacture and that our high expectation of quality is met.

Microns - micrometres - is a standard measurement convention in most parts of the world. Our silver plated cutlery is offered in a range of thicknesses, from 20 or 30 microns on our own range of cutlery to 35 microns on cutlery from Legacy Silverware and Carrs Silver, which is more than the standard 20 microns thickness that most manufacturers offer as standard, including Legacy and Carrs themselves.

All our silver ware is made to order and each individual piece is finished by hand.
As a rule of thumb, one micron of silver is needed for each year of regular (though not everyday) use. However this varies greatly on use and usually the plate will wear first on the tips of forks, which can either be replaced individually or re-plated, whereas the plate on other pieces will last much longer.

If you are searching for a particular design that is not part of our standard range, would like different pieces as offered in the sets, or are looking for bespoke options to make your cutlery stand out, please contact us, we may be able to help you.