Please note that we are not based in the UK and your order will be dispatched from Germany.

The following is information for UK based customers (currently excluding NI).

Due to the new VAT rules brought in by the UK in 2021, and because HMRC can't take payment except by international bank transfer, we have a minimum order value of £135 for deliveries to the UK (excluding delivery charges). Orders over £135 are dispatched nett of VAT and you will be asked to pay the VAT to the courier company before you take delivery. 

Please note, our system does not prevent orders below £135 being placed, we will cancel the order and refund your payment.

Your order may also be subject to customs tariff charges. These import charges must also be paid by you, the importer, before you receive the goods. The Brexit deal allows for preferential treatment for all goods manufactured in the UK or the EU. This means that these goods have NO CUSTOMS TARIFF CHARGES. Most of the items we sell are made in the UK, but a few are not. Please see below for a full list of all goods made outside the UK and EU.

Should your delivery include goods that incur customs tariff charges, these charges will usually range from around 8% to 15% of the value of those items. Please note that currently there is an anti-dumping tariff of an additional 36% on ceramic crockery made in China.

The courier company (DHL, UPS, etc.) will charge you a "brokerage" fee for processing the customs documents and paying the VAT and any duty due on your behalf. This charge is usually around £10 to £12.

Goods in our online shop that are not made in the UK or EU and may incur tariff charges:

All Sophie Alport products.
All Portmeirion products.
All Heath McCabe products.
The following Taylor's Eye Witness ranges and products: Syracuse, Portland, Tacoma, All knife blocks, Sharpener 3L452, All cheese knives/cheese knife sets, embroidery scissors, sewing scissors 2R369, poultry sheers, hip flasks.