Pink Asiatic Pheasants

Pink Asiatic Pheasants Tea Plate
7"  18cm
$ 11.77
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Pink Asiatic Pheasants Breakfast Plate
9"  22cm
$ 14.57
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Pink Asiatic Pheasants Dinner Plate
10"  25.5cm
$ 18.50
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Pink Asiatic Pheasants Cake Plate
11"  28cm
$ 47.08
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Burleigh Pink Asiatic Pheasants

Asiatic Pheasants was the most popular pattern of the Victorian era, interpreted here by Burleigh in a soft pink. Introduced in 1827, its romantic gentle pattern proved to be more popular than its dark Georgian counterpart Willow. Asiatic Pheasants took pride of place on the kitchen dresser and on the dining table. The various patterns produced by Burleigh work beautifully mixed or make a stunning single-pattern service.

Blue Calico Produced at the Burleigh pottery in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, in the heart of the Staffordshire potteries, where ceramic tableware has been produced for centuries, and by Burleigh since 1851.

Dishwasher and microwave proof, with a wonderful, hand applied transfer print.

Please note that due to the hand crafted nature of the transfer pattern, slight variations between pieces may occur. Also, a pattern join may be visible on some pieces; these aspects of Burleigh ware are a result of hand application of the patterns, a skillful process used since the 1750s now used uniquely by Burleigh, and is not a fault.