Burleigh Crockery

Burleighware - timeless, striking, beautiful crockery - English tableware to fall in love with.

Burleigh Geschirr

The company Burgess and Leigh, popularly known as Burleigh, was founded in 1851 under the name Hulme and Booth. In 1862 Messrs. Burgess and Leigh took over the company and gave it their name. In 1889 the company moved to a new, state of the art pottery which was designed to improve production efficiency and working conditions. It became known locally as a model factory and, although much has changed since those first days, Burleigh still works out of the same factory. 

Today, Burgess and Leigh continue to produce a range of crockery in enchanting designs using traditional methods, ensuring pieces with a unique charm and timeless beauty.