Rose Pink, Mulberry & Red Felicity

Rose Pink Felicity Large Teapot
32 fl.oz.  900ml, 4¾"  12 cm tall
£ 58.29
incl. 16% tax excl. delivery
Rose Pink Felicity Tankard Jug, Small
½ pint  280ml, 4"  10 cm tall.
£ 23.77
incl. 16% tax excl. delivery
Red Felicity Mini Tankard Jug
3¼"  8.5cm
£ 17.76
incl. 16% tax excl. delivery
Red Felicity Etruscan Jug
£ 50.22
incl. 16% tax excl. delivery
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Burleigh Felicity

Felicity is a pattern that originates from the 1930s. The small, delicate flowers are reminiscent of elder flowers. Here we present three colourways from Burleigh that are no longer in production: delicate rose pink, rich mulberry and strong red. When creating your own individual mix, don't forget felicity in light blue, available in a wide range of pieces.
Burleigh Felicity

Produced at the Burleigh pottery in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, in the heart of the Staffordshire potteries, where ceramic tableware has been produced for centuries, and by Burleigh since 1851.

Dishwasher and microwave proof, with a wonderful, hand applied transfer print.

Please note that due to the hand crafted nature of the transfer pattern, slight variations between pieces may occur. Also, a pattern join may be visible on some pieces; these aspects of Burleigh ware are a result of hand application of the patterns, a skillful process used since the 1750s now used uniquely by Burleigh, and is not a fault.